Salty Shower Surfer Girl

“Salty Shower” by Jenn C Lindquist – Acrylic Painting – Original Beach Artwork

This beautiful original painting of a surfer girl washing the sand off her feet will be a lovely addition of coastal decor to your beach house. Also, consider this as a gift for the surfer girl in your life.

This painting is the 4th in my Surfer Girl at the Jetties series. She was inspired by a young lady that I watched walk across the Jetties at Ponce Inlet, to the surf on the other side. I was so inspired that I decided to base an entire series on this one experience.

Surfing is one of the places that I feel most like myself. I’ve spent many summers climbing over the rocks on the Jetty and watching the water. There’s a peace that I love when I’m sitting on the beach or the water, on my surfboard.

I’ve been painting for several years now an this collection is a very personal part of me. I’ve worked to convey how it feels at the end of a surf day to stand at the showers and wash off the sand.