Install Hanging Hardware on Canvas Artwork

Hello beach lovers.

So today is the day we’re going to talk about hanging hardware and, how to install it on the back of your canvas. There is a really, easy way to do this and I’m going to show you what it is right now.

Here are the supplies that you’re going to need. I use 30-pound coated wire by OOK and needle nose pliers. You want to make sure that they’ve got a cutting section.

One phillips head screwdriver, measuring tape, pen or pencil and d-ring hooks. You can get all of these at your local hardware store.

Place the painting face down on a clean surface. Measure in the center of your canvas down about 3 inches from the top. Mark it with a pencil.

Measure along each side and mark it off at 4 inches.

Then use a screw to hold the D-ring it in place. Do the same on the other side.

I try to keep the screws in the middle of the wood frame, so it doesn’t split the frame.

Take the wire and measure it across the frame. Bend one side and leave about 2 inches.

Make sure the wire can hit the middle mark when you pull it across the canvas. So basically, just pull it up a little bit and touch that three inch mark that you made.

Bend the wire on the other side allowing two inches. Cut using the pliers.

Loop the wire through the D hook. Take the wire and wrap it around itself on both ends.

Use the pliers to tighten the line.

Once I’m done with this I sign the back of my painting.

Now, wasn’t that easy? If you are hanging a larger painting you can adjust the wire poundage to suit your needs.

~ Jenn