Quarterly Sales Tax

When I hear the term quarterly sales tax, I think, “Ugh!” The dreaded state sales taxes. Whether I like it or not, it’s just a normal part of doing business. Well, it took a few days of concentrated effort but I managed to get them completed and submitted on time. Whew!

I updated the spreadsheets for 2022 to, hopefully, make my job easier next time. I broke things down into quarters and gave myself notes to help me remember what is what.

Ok, my next business decision for 2022…record purchases as I go instead of waiting until it’s tax time. I did great for the first two years but somehow I got a little lazy with it last year.

There’s not much to record yet but, I need to be in the habit for when things get busier.

Also, I found out that Etsy pays ALL sales tax, including my home state. That makes working with them that much more exciting. Yay!