Surf, Bike and RV

I finally made it back out to the beach.  We went RVing at Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park in Jacksonville.   And even though I was a little weird-ed out by the brownish, murky water… I surfed for a bit.  The water is already warm and despite having lost some muscle mass this year, I was able to pop up on my board several times, in the washing machine like waves.  I’m pretty sure that under normal circumstances it would have been a decent break.

While watching the break, I saw three fins and I wasn’t completely convinced they were dolphins at the time.  I waited until they moved on before daring to go in the water.

We drive to Hannah Park about once a year.  We can ride the ‘mountain’ bike trails, go surfing and camp, all in the same location.  I love being able to come back to the camper after an early ride, shower and head out to the beach (sometimes with our dog in tow).  Then, we hit the trails again later the same day.  It’s exhausting and relaxing at the same time.

All in all, it was a good first weekend in the water.  I’m thinking that some of our friends need to get RVs and join us…hint…hint.