Art Journey

I’ve decided to minimize my blogging.  I’m going to try to bring a little focus to it so you may see some of the tabs and links rearranging.  I’m feeling a tug of war between writing and painting.  I enjoy them both, but I need them to to fall hand in hand so it’s not one or the other.

I’m going start focusing on my art journey.  It’s time to start improving my skill-set if I’m to sell my work at some point.  I don’t want a house full of my paintings because it feels a little vain to only have my artwork all over the walls.

You may have noticed that I started a Facebook page dedicated to my artwork.  I’m hoping to concentrate my efforts on painting and maybe have a few surf stories thrown in.  My hope is to share the process of improving my painting skills.

Julie, my hair stylist, called me a tortured artist because I’ll work on a painting, get mad, walk away, walk back and look at it and then walk away for a few weeks.  Eventually, I’ll figure out what my next step is and I’ll start painting again.  This is a super slow process and it’s pointless to rush it.  The problem isn’t the brush, it’s deciding the process and how to make the painting look the way I see it in my head.  Exhausting isn’t it?

Julie challenged me to do a painting a week.  I may try for that but at the same time I need to learn some color theory and brush techniques.  Thanks for joining me and I hope I can inspire you to paint more.