Commissioned Painting

The past few weeks, I’ve been working on a painting commissioned by my hair stylist. I’ve been sharing picture of my paintings with her since I picked my brushes up again. She’s been very encouraging and I’m excited to see the finished product displayed in her shop when the painting is complete.

I’ve been considering doing a series of surfer girl paintings over the course of the next year. I really enjoy painting them and have found a style that suits this series. Fortunately, she requested a stand-up paddleboard painting.

I’ve made a point to send progress pictures so she can be a part of the process. This seems to keep me from being anxious about doing the commission. I think it’s an important test for me. Can I handle the pressure of creating a custom painting?


I have to admit that I’m really enjoying doing it. It’s a painting I wanted to do but, she selected the type of water and the color of the sky. It’s going to be beautiful.

Update:  Here’s the completed work.  She was so excited she hung the picture up the same day.  I am blessed to have friends that love my artwork.  Here are a few pics…


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