Exploring Art Festivals

One of my artistic goals is to have a booth in some local art festivals. In an attempt to figure out what supplies are needed, I’m visiting a few local festivals and taking notes. I started by taking notes on the basics, tent sizes, obvious materials and a few that seemed interesting.  There’s a substantial initial expense to get all the materials that I may need. Tent, displays, frames for originals, prints and at least one cohesive collection.

I highly recommend walking through a few art festivals as a way to get a good idea of what’s needed for your first one. There are several things that I didn’t really think of. I need business card holders strategically placed. Also, weights to hold the tent in place in case of rain and a fan to combat this brutal Florida heat.

Also, it’s a great opportunity to consider how to behave around customers. I personally don’t like a big sales pitch. I prefer to walk through and ask questions as necessary.  I may pull a business card if I see something I like but am not ready to purchase. Most artists are happy to sit back and relax and let the customer shop uninterrupted.

It’s interesting to see what is actually showing at the festivals. I noticed for the first time that artists are selling gallery wrapped prints at their booths which is an expensive investment but a great idea. Also, some themes naturally repeated such as Florida landscapes be it in oils, acrylics or photography. I was relieved to find a few artists at the Winter Park Art Festival that have a similar style to mine, less realism but not extremely impressionistic either.

These walk through moments remind me to take my time and be sure that my timing is right. I don’t want to scramble to prepare for an art festival. I’d like to have a nice following first and perhaps gather supplies a little at a time. Of course before I get out there, I need to make sure I have art that people would love to place in their homes.

And so…I’ll continue to visit more art festivals this year and eventually do a little shopping there too.


Next weekend October 21st – 22nd is the Winter Springs Art Festival.  Maybe I’ll see you there.