Surfing Through 40, Literally

So you’re not 30 something anymore…

Well there’s no denying that once you hit 40 your body starts to change. You slow down you get aches and pains arthritis starts to set in. For me this was difficult because I love to surf, I love to ride my bike and I love to do all things outdoors. Here’s a little fitness motivation for you.


Arthritis? At my age?

Once you get our age you really need to stay on top of your health.  I was working out religiously, which I have since high school.  Slowly but surely I was struggling with certain exercises such as leg lifts, lunges and squats.  One day it hurt so bad lifting 10 lbs that I cried right there in front of God and everyone.

Somehow without me realizing it I wasn’t able to lift as much weight. And slowly, over time I let the pain from arthritis slow me down in the gym.

That was the motivation it took to get me to go to the doctor.  I was prescribed physical therapy and surprisingly, the arthritis was minimal.  Once my therapy was complete I felt 100% better. I was able get to get back to the gym and once I sent spent about six months in the gym I was actually able to get back to surfing.

I don’t want to be one of those elderly people who sits around and talks about what hurts (you know who I’m talking about), but for this article we’re going to discuss a little bit of this. The first thing we have to admit is that your youth will not last forever.   But if you want it to last longer, you need to take care of yourself.


Back to Healthy and Fit 

Two years ago, I decided to update my diet and figure out what things were bothering my back and my arthritis and get rid of them.  That’s probably the best thing I ever did for myself.  When I eat correctly, I’m in less pain.

With my knees, I had no choice but to go to physical therapy. What I realized, was that if it hurts for me to do certain leg exercises, there’s a lot of other ways to get a similar workout.  I highly recommend if it hurts to exercise that you find an alternative workout method to work the same muscles. And of course, see your doctor just in case.


Finally Surfing Again

I’d say it was about a year after therapy, before I could comfortably surf.  About the end of last summer, I was able to pop up on my board without pain.  We went out early this spring.  I put on my daughter’s full wet-suit (which I usually don’t do) to get a head start on the season. I may have been a little slow and felt a little out of shape but I was not in pain and very grateful that I kept up with it.

So, let me encourage you.  If you love surfing… if it’s always been a part of your life and you’re not sure if you can get back to it, here are a few things to try.

Buy or Rent a Bigger Board  

That’s what I did and it gives me a little extra time to catch waves. The longboard I bought last year, allows me to catch smaller waves which actually gives me more practice, so I don’t have to be as picky. And with the extra buoyancy it’s just easier to stand up and ride.

And for my wobbly, knees it’s exactly what I need.

Jenn with new board
Isn’t she a beauty?

Stand-Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boarding has become very popular over the past few years.  You can paddle board in a lake or inlet, or you can paddle board into small or medium sized waves.  I’ve been told by several people this is a logical next step for us.  Right now, I’m not quite ready to give up surfing for paddle boarding.


Because I love it so much, I encourage you get in shape, get your workouts in, and get your happy butt to the beach.

And hopefully I’ll see you out there.

See you at the beach!

~ Jenn