Florida Surfing Spring Break

I realize that for Floridians it’s too cold to lay on the beach. But for those of you up north that want to try your hand at surfing, here are a few tips.

Surf Lessons

Many of the hotels offer surf lessons.  There’s no shame in taking a lesson or two to get you started.  If you aren’t staying at a hotel that offers lessons, call around to the local surf shops.  Several of them offer lessons or can refer you to surf schools.

surf truck
Surf Schools and shops offer lessons

Surfboard Rentals

If you’ve surfed a few times, you can rent a board at any of your local surf shops.  Lately, you can even rent a soft top at some of the food trucks lining the beach.  You will usually have a choice of renting by the hour by the day.


Paddling Out

As you paddle out to the break, keep an eye out for surfers around you.  Surfers on a wave expect you to move but it’s difficult to get out of the way of a moving wave and surfer as you are paddling out.  For this reason it’s best to paddle outside of the break then paddle over.

Be sure to surf in front of a lifeguard.  I hope this one is pretty obvious.

paddling out

Joining the Lineup

So you’ve rented your board and you’ve gotten a few surf days under your belt.  I suggest you learn how to behave in the lineup.  The locals have been surfing the break longer than you and have the right of way.

If you notice another surfer has caught the wave ahead of you, back off the wave and wait for the next one.  It’s best to stay off of the bigger breaks until you have built up some experience so you aren’t wasting the wave.  Keep an eye out for fellow surfers.

One last thing!

Please wear your board on a leash.  They are called killer surfboards for a reason.  Your board can be pushed ahead of you and hit someone else.

surfboard leash


I’ll be out there soon so hopefully, I’ll see you at the beach!