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Goals I Set As a Creative in 2019

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions anymore.  About a year ago I realized that all the goals that I had written down, had been accomplished.  When I made this realization, I decided to make a new goal list.

At the end of 2018, I started to get a little overwhelmed by all the books I was trying to read and things I was trying to do.  So instead of making resolutions, I’ve decided to give myself grace for the items I’m struggling with, and pick a few goals and keep them reasonable.

Placing items online and keeping up with a website, digital prints, Facebook, Instagram and blogging is quite a challenge.  So, I decided to create a new plan.  I have a goal to do one item per week towards my online presence.

Week 1: Post a Video

Sometimes, this means I edit videos and just try to get one online before the end of the month.  I imagine that someday, I’ll be able to tape and post in the same week.


Week 2: Blog

I’ve started posting some shorter blogs in hopes that one day I’ll be able to post weekly.  But for now, Once a month will do.

Week 3: Post New Artwork

Once a month I take pictures of my latest work and post them to my website, Artistic Surf, Etsy or Fine Art America.  This allows me an entire week to focus on lighting, editing and posting.  This is probably the most time intensive part of my online presence.


Week 4: Select and post Events

So far, this has worked to keep me on task and allowed me to focus on one item at a time.  I was trying to do all of these in one week.  If I miss my deadline, I find that I either already have something to post or I’m able to come up with a quick little something.

I don’t need it to be perfect.  Two years ago my manager told me that sometimes good enough is better than perfect.  If I spend too much time trying to get it perfect, it might not get completed.  That’s where grace comes in.   God gives us grace.  Now I just need to learn to give myself a little grace as well.