Creative Marketing

Last night I had the idea to bring stickers to Jimmy Hula’s Taco Shop. It’s a place we love to eat at and, as a bonus, Jimmy Hula’s has a surf theme.

I’ve already left my card for the managers since I noticed they were redecorating. This time I left stickers for the servers. I brought a variety of surfer girl stickers for them along with my business card.

I’ve done this once before and I don’t really know if it helps but I’m starting to think I need to do more of this. I have a few small stickers that I give away for free with products so why not use it to spread the word about my art.

Surprisingly, almost everyone loves stickers. They put them on their water bottles, laptops, car windows, and notebooks. So now, my stickers and my Cricut have a purpose. Share joy and art in tiny sticker packages.

~ Jenn