Working out my Etsy Store details

I’ve made it a priority for 2022 to get my Etsy store moving. I have several ways to sell my art and gifts online but in the end, I think it’s worth giving my all to Etsy. Etsy doesn’t bring me much traffic but the options they have available to me without a huge upfront cost make it the best option.

Purchasing a course to help me with marketing was a hard decision. I’ve read books and done my own research but the fact of the matter is, I really am still pretty clueless. YouTube videos help but I need a step-by-step process that I can work in my spare time.

I’ve learned a little about email marketing which felt icky at first. During the holiday season, I learned that it works so…if people don’t want to be on my email list, they can unsubscribe. No harm done.

I don’t know how this will affect my time to create art but I do know that I have a new direction which I hope will help me share my art with more people. After all, creating art in a vacuum is pointless.

If you’d like to come along for the ride, feel free to join my Facebook VIP Group.

~ Jenn