Logos For Days

I’ve spent the last few days working on my logo and it’s maddening. I almost gave up and decided to go back to the original design and shop name. However, it just doesn’t seem to fit the direction I’m going. A cleaner look to my logo and a name that reflects all facets of my art is what I’m striving for.

Can I just say, it’s not easy? I would pick a logo and then change the name.

Finding something that reflects the beach as well as the general Florida girl lifestyle is difficult. It still needs to be able to represent my fine art, not just the gifts I have available.

But, I did realize I wanted a logo that could stand on its own as a brand name for a t-shirt, should I decide to do something like that later.

I was watching the movie Blue Crush for inspiration, yesterday. And, let’s just say I figured it out.

Re-branding is ahead of me but I’ll wait to post it for now. I’d like to have a collection or sale at the time of my re-branding announcement. For now, please just stick with me through this transition. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Now, to work on my shop’s branding colors.

~ Jenn