Rebranding Is A Hard Decision

I have spent some time looking at shop name options this week. I’m so torn.

As an artist, I want to use my name for my shop. As an Etsy Shop owner, I want people to be able to find me and be able to spell my shop name.

I may be able to rebrand without changing too much. I’m not known well yet so I have time to do it. To be honest, this is probably my biggest struggle. Do I want to be a brand that people will want to wear on their shirts and stickers, or do I want to be an artist?

For example, Guy Harvey has a reputation for his fishing inspired shirts. And, people do wear his art with his name in big bold letters. I just don’t see people wearing Jennifer Lindquist across the front of their clothing.

I have started signing the digital art that I create for t-shirts and stickers. I think it’s something I’ve neglected to be consistent with in the past.

I’m stuck somewhere between Jenn’s Art Gallery, Artistic Surf Gallery and Beach Cottage Art. There are many varieties of these names on my list. Recently I changed everything to my name Jenn C Lindquist. The problem…can people remember and spell my name as well as an easier to remember, shop name?


Thanks for being interested.

~ Jenn