Photographing paintings

Last weekend I spent a good 3 hours photographing my paintings for prints. I had a little struggle with the camera settings and I think what happened is that I accidentally messed with the shutter setting.

In the end, I used the white balance for ‘shade’ and also tried ‘cloudy day’. The sun was moving in and out of the clouds. It was a cloudless day when I started shooting, though.

It did seem to help if I put the white card next to the painting for the picture. None of my paintings had white in them and in the background was an off-white door which I think was throwing off the color balance.

As you can see in the photograph, I place the paintings on a wood panel so the lip of the easel doesn’t cut off the bottom of the painting. And I took several photographs since the light kept changing. I ended up moving my easel because the clouds were casting a shadow on one side.

It was a long day, which took me into an even longer day of editing. That’s a story for another day. I do have a video on taking pictures for prints and I’ll link it below.