New Collection Coming Soon

I’m finally making progress on my newest collection. It’s going to very limited for now. If I see significant interest I may add to it at another time.

I’m super excited about this one. I’m using wood panels as the surface. This gives me a nice smooth workspace. I put a coat of gesso to make sure the acrylic paint has a good surface to stick to.

This time I painted the backgrounds at the same time, using the same paint colors for consistency. I’d like for these pieces to be able to be hung up as a set and look cohesive.

Laying out glass to determine the colors that will be used.

I have a launch date in mind, but it will depend on how long it takes me to paint each image. So, that’s up in the air for now.

A few images have been added here so you can get a glimpse into the process.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend and go outside and play!