What if I Don’t Want to Surf Today?

I forgot to post this one so…better late than never.

Hurricane Nicole has come and gone.  I was a little nervous but decided to head out to the beach anyway. 

I had a few friends who went out the day prior and didn’t see much debris in the water. Fortunately, Cocoa Beach wasn’t hit as hard as some of the other places along the coast.

I lay in bed debating on whether or not to go surfing.   I had been tired all week, trying to recover from our New York trip. Eventually, I realized that I would regret not going, but if I went,  I might regret it, but I also might have a great day.

I packed up my surfboard, wetsuit and a few art supplies and headed out.

It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day.   The waves were calm with a nice shape, but hard for me to catch.  I’m still working my way back into surfing shape.

While I was there, I made a new friend and did a little sketch for my next painting.   Overall, I’m so thankful I made myself go.