Watercolor My World

I spent the month of July watercolor painting or at the very least, drawing daily. My hope was to learn how to use the medium and hopefully end up with a few treasured pieces. I believe that I’ve met both of those goals.

I’ve learned that watercolor is a hard medium to work with. You can’t always fix mistakes by covering them up with more paint. Sometimes you have to allow the watercolors to do what they want to do. It’s this unexpected flow that both caught me off guard and freed me up from my perfectionist tendencies.

Some days the painting freely flows and other days it’s a battle to control what happens on the page. In addition to painting, I’ve been trying to scan paintings to preserve them and possibly print copies, if I so desire. This has been my greatest challenge.

I scan in a beautiful painting and it looks faded and uncorrectible on my screen. Or, I have a nicely produced image but it prints out a sad faded version of what’s on the monitor. I decided to take my time working on prints and focus more on the paintings. The rest will come with time and finding the right equipment and processes.

Fortunately, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to learning and sharing more.