The Master Painter

Today I’m sharing with you my love of the painting process. You may have noticed, if you are on my Facebook or Instagram pages, that I post pictures as I go. I’ll start with what is called the under painting. Then, I’ll add a layer for the background, sometimes it’s the sky, ocean, mountains or whatever. Each layer adds a new dimension to the painting.

To be honest with you, sometimes it looks downright ugly. I’m okay with that because, I know that each layer is laying the ground work for the next. During this process, I’ll make adjustments to the work. I may move rocks, add clouds, add shading, add highlights and change the look of the water. Then I stand back and look…and look.

Sometimes, I’ll walk away for days, frustrated by the painting. Not necessarily frustrated that I’ve made a mistake, but I know how I want it to look and I haven’t decided how to make it happen. Sure, I could watch a few videos on YouTube but for the most part, I work it out in my head then start putting it down on canvas.

I’ve been blessed that sometimes the texture I need works out seamlessly and I wonder if I could do the same if I tried again. My mind can see it and if my brush can help me find the correct stroke to achieve the desired look, I go with it until it looks the way I want or as close as I can get without over working the canvas.


Lately, I’ve been loving this process more because it reminds me of who I am. I’m a stretched canvas and Christ is the master painter, lovingly adding layers of peace, understanding, love and patience in my life. I may not have looked like a mature christian in my twenties but over time I’ve matured in my faith. God has allowed me to walk through difficult circumstances that have given me compassion that I didn’t have before, understanding of others faults and confidence that my prayers are heard.

As I reach for perfection in my paintings, I know that there will be times when I don’t like what I see. I’ll add another layer and the painting will take shape but it’s when all the layers have come together to complete the scene and I feel it’s beautiful, that I call my painting complete.

In the same way, God is constantly working on us and painting us beautiful. He allows struggle and life to happen because it makes us stronger and tough times can help us grow closer to Him.

To view the final painting watch the video below.